Mark Lowry On Broadway DVD

Mark Lowry On Broadway DVD


Mark Lowry takes Broadway by storm! In this live performance on the stage of the legendary Beacon Theatre in New York City, Mark is joined by special guests Bill Gaither, Guy Penrod, David Phelps, Sandi Patty, Beverly “Mama” Lowry, Annie and Kelly McRae and Anthony Burger. Mark captivates the audience as only he can with his zany comedy and entertaining parodies. Also, you’re invited backstage to see what a rising star of Broadway does when the lights are down…but the tape is still rolling. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

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  1. Opening

  2. Don’t Rain On My Parade

  3. Comedy - Wal-Mart Commercial

    Broadway Medley

  4. One (Singular Sensation)

  5. On Broadway

  6. I Cannot Dance Tonight (Because I’m Southern Baptist)

  7. Mom

  8. I Thirst - ft Beverly Lowry

  9. Bein’ Happy -ft Gaither Vocal Band

  10. Comedy -Old Age Hair

  11. Walk On The Water - ft Annie & Kelly McRae

  12. Comedy -Singing at Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches

  13. A Whole New World

  14. Piper Steals The Show-story told by Mark Lowry

  15. Living For Deep Fried Okra

  16. Piano Medley - ft Anthony Burger

  17. Anthony Plays Requests

  18. Mark and Anthony Piano “Duet”

  19. Armed Forces Medley -ft. Anthony Burger

  20. Let Freedom Ring -ft. Gaither Vocal Band


  21. The Home Depot

  22. An Atheist’s Faith

  23. Mary Raising Jesus

  24. Mary, Did You Know -ft. Mark Lowry, Guy Penrod & David Phelps

  25. Credits