Singer, songwriter, author, and humorist Mark Lowry is best known for penning the lyric to the Christmas classic “Mary Did You Know?” and singing baritone for the GRAMMY© Award-winning Gaither Vocal Band for many years. Lowry, who’s entertained audiences since he was 11 years old, has a unique gift of communicating profound Biblical truths through music and storytelling. His life’s work features a large catalog of diverse projects including many videos, books, and CDs.

John Bolin, the worship leader at First Baptist Houston has a podcast for worship leaders. It's called, "Friends of First Worship." You can find it here: www.listennotes.com/podcasts/friends-of-first-worship-john-bolin-0-HCBOipA8D/I am at First Baptist Church with worship pastor John Bolin. He has a podcast and he is interviewing me for it. ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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I wanted to say, how much I enjoyed Mondays with Mark this week. The music was wonderful, and Mark did a superb job filling in for Tonya's husband.

Jayma McKee Cook Look it’s a John Bolin!!

Thanks for making me smile.

By the way always love it when I can see you're live programs.

Hi Mark Wii you ever be in Tulsa ok are NW Arkansas.

When we were both young and had brown hair! 😄😃😀 ❤

I loved this - 😁 Praying for you 🙏

Yes! Passion is the key to you, Mark, singing your hit! Others do a great job but nothing compared to your heart felt words with the music!

Hey got another message from you i would check your settings and go from there

This podcast with John was excellent Mark!! .. to hear how God has directed your life and the process you go through when 'entertaining' us - though it's much more than entertainment but more how God uses you to Bless our socks off - thank you for allowing God to use you to love me - Mark Lowry because "Sometimes it Takes a Mountain" www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-24kkrKp1Y&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR0yx2Sw1679ZXv3xAzUAehCdSIJW4u3uj9hLM...

Do you know have scamers on Instagram?

Thank you for always sharing Mark .

They seem like very nice gentleman and it was a very good interview Mark

There is something different about this interview that I really liked. I'm not sure what makes it so different, but there are a couple of things you said that I had never heard you talk about before. I loved you sharing about your friend's comments that she made years ago which resulted in you "looking in the mirror," and you changing from complaining to being grateful. It seems we live in a world where complaining is a major pastime for many. We so often forget that God has us where He needs us at this time and place, and that we should be thankful for His guidance because we are safely moving through this world under His care. I also appreciate your honesty in another statement you made. That statement referred to the fact that it is impossible for you to fill the role of being our friend. I loved that you emphasized the importance of finding that relationship in the local church. Too often we place expectations on people who were not placed on this earth to fulfill that role. That is unfair to both parties. The result is usually never good. Again, this was an exceptionally enlightening interview. Well done!👍🐾

Great interview!

Nice job, Mark. I watched this interview live this afternoon. You shared a wealth of information that the worship leaders will find helpful.

Mark, I remember you since 1983 when you came to our church in Mesquite Texas. Soon after, I attended Liberty U and have kept up with you since. You have not changed and you are seasoning well in your life. Just sayin cuz it's a nice and deserving thing to say!!! Bless you.

Do you remember the year of this tour?



One of a kind. Yep. They broke the mold, didn't they, Mark?

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The river is rolling ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago


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Hey Mark I hope you can do some podcasts I love hearing your voice and you can read a devotional and I can read along with you and I just wrote my first devotional for my church family and I am going to share it with you when Christmas comes around and I will record it for you and I'll send it to you love you Mark Lowry

Love watching we you

Always good singing!

Thank you for telling me my favorite story tonight on pandora I still laugh so hard because the frait train snoring sounds that you do oh my goodness Mark it makes me laugh and I'm still snoring three times a week Tuesday night Friday night and Saturday night and yes I'm keeping the rhythm going haaaaaaaaaa I hope you have a wonderful night love you

Thanks for sharing

Looking forward to it ... thanks! 🙏

Thank you for sharing, Mark.

So Cool!!

I’m trying to watch. Lots of traffic through the office tonight, unfortunately. I even missed MWM yesterday, but will be watching that as soon as I get off work. ❤️

je ne comprend pas l anglais


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Goodman Revival on MONDAYS WITH MARK. GoodmanRevival.com ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago


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Loved hearing you sing together, especially when you did "Had It Not Been". That was exceptionally beautiful. Thank you!

My daughter is so excited we’re going on the cruise with you I can’t wait the only thing she’s worried about it the pajamas that we have to wear do they have to be funny or what do they need to be or will we be arrested when we walked down the corners to get there

Back in the 60's I grew up on The Happy Goodmans music. Praise God got me thru some difficult time in my life. Praise God thank you Jesus

Thank Q now we see the show . Boy this was good thank you Mark

Loved it Mark Lowry..You can just feel such love from them..Sounds like the Happy Goodman all over, with a new little twist..Thanks for sharing this tonight even with the bad internet services..lol Again have been Blessed on the Monday day of stress..lol

AHHHH. Now we can watch it. Can almost see mama and papa Goodman..

Mark, besides the obvious gifted talent y’all have & all that you do is unto the Lord, you and your friends are positively precious, fun & witty & it’s a joy spending time with you. We love y’all through it all💜

Seem you also in Rockford I’ll and visited with you,

So glad I found this this morning,sorry I missed it last night. Thanks Mark.

Have seen them , have a number of there older records, many cds. Of all of the singers. Mark I have a number of your to. kids love them

I love Mondays with Mark. You’re a brilliant interviewer and the music is anointed and I wouldn’t miss it.

Had It not been is my favorite song

Loved the Happy Goodmans

🙏🏻Prayers for Faye and Michael. Johnny and Tanya were awesome guests. Loved the stories and you’re sounding great, as usual, Mark.

I need your prayers tonight my Uncel John is not doing well he needs prayers for healing and salvation !

Beautiful. Great memories with these songs.

This is one of my favorite shows you have done!

should have lasted longer.....as a kid I remember going to Monroe La. to see the Goodmans, the Rambos, the Florida Boys.....love gospel music.....old style.....some of the contemporary but mostly what I was raised on....Southern gospel....loved the show

Grew up with these songs!

Loved this so much! Mark you did great filling in for Michael but missed him. Love the Goodman revival! Thank you Johnny for the illustration of talking thru the piano keys and that is how God uses us. That really spoke to me! Tanya love your singing.

That was so good! 💛 The Goodman Revival is great! Just love Tanya. Thank you Mark.

November 12th yesterday was my birthday. But I listen to your segment and it was awesome have a blessed evening or morning I couldn't go to sleep. I have to be at work at 5 a.m.


This episode was definitely worth waiting for. I loved it. I love the songs y'all sang. I watched it twice. lol. I have loved the song The Lighthouse for a long time. I collect lighthouses. Thank you for doing the Goodman Revival, Mark!

Thank you Q. and Mark know we can see the show

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5 days ago


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Is Lauren related to Joe and Marian?? There was a Paul Talley at Washington Bible College in ‘70-‘72 who played trumpet, guitar, and accordion and sang in choir and other choral events.

Where is Mark?


I LOVE LAUREN! And all the TALLEYS! So excited!

Where is Mark? 😉🤗

She has such a wonderful voice. It will be nice to learn more about her.

Are you judging me? 😀❤

Was Goodman Revival canceled for tonight?

I did get to see tonite’s show with the Goodman’s-it was Great! Loved your singing!

Looking forward to the show.

Looking forward to that!!

I Always Loved The Talley’s Lauren Talley Voice Is So Remarkable What A Gorgeous Voice Such A Blessing.

Hey Mark Lowry, can you and Lauren Talley groove to David Did Dance next week!!!

Sorry you had problems tonight. Look forward to Monday's with Mark. ❤

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Q here, we are having just a little problem with Monday’s With Mark, we are recording it now and will post it as soon as we are done! ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago


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Remember Mark, God is in the interruptions, so it’s all good ❤️ You’re loved through it all 💚


Thank you Q for letting us know

When will they post the video? It still says live over on YouTube but of course it isn't working. Maybe he should take that down until he can post the recording. But that's just me.

Thank you for all of your efforts. I’m looking forward to the replay, whenever it comes up! God’s blessings on the entire process tonight.


Thank you for letting us know!

Thank you!

Thank you.

Awesome! Thanks for the info, Q!

Thank you !

No worries ❤

Ok Mark, thankyou , sorry we missed you live, prayers in Jesus name , we love you ☺

We are waiting patiently because we're loyal to you. Sorry for the trouble that you are having.

Thank you Q

Q, have a sale!

It’s ok Mark thanks we wait for later .

Awww. At least we got to see Austin for a second.❤❤❤

I will be looking for the post. Sorry y'all are having problems. 😊


Mark are you sending out messages to those fans following you that they have been selected to get a badge as a “top fan”? Evidently you have selected 95 fans for this designation? I haven’t figured out how to report to FB. I have taken a photo of the message.

Thank you! 👍🏻

I'll check back...

Thanks for fixing the problem! Would not want to miss MWM! ❤️

Sorry to here that, thanks for the information

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