Singer, songwriter, author, and humorist Mark Lowry is best known for penning the lyric to the Christmas classic “Mary Did You Know?” and singing baritone for the GRAMMY© Award-winning Gaither Vocal Band for many years. Lowry, who’s entertained audiences since he was 11 years old, has a unique gift of communicating profound Biblical truths through music and storytelling. His life’s work features a large catalog of diverse projects including many videos, books, and CDs.

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Just saw a commercial on tv for trans-Siberian performance here n kc...wondering if sandi/mark will do christmas shows/appearances n would u ever consider a week in branson at Christmas time n you'd b in one location n we'd come to u...I've never been but branson is supposed to b really really nice!

I really enjoy watching tonight. I think I learn something every Monday night. Looking forward to seeing the Isaacs next Monday! Loved tonight with Patti and Don.

Helped my Daughter prepare for Church Singing Group Auditio😀 and missed "Mondays with Mark" (sad face) tonight. You Inspire me!

Hi Sandi. Your stellar career is obvious and loved world-wide. You are the BEST of the best! But I want to ask, if you could do ANYTHING at all, and know you could not fail, what would it be? Mark asked us this question, and I'm still trying to answer it. ❣️

Hi Mark, Can you ask Sandy which Gospel singers influenced her the most and is there anyone that she is still looking forward to recording with that she hasn't gotten to meet yet?

I got a question for Sandi patty how did you learn to Hit the high notes when you sing ?!

Mark just saw you for the first time in Tifton ga You will never know how much it mean to me to dances with you I haven’t felt like smiling in 7 months Be having Problem with his placement he as autism Brenda one leg woman Be trying to find that video hoping somebody will post it thanks God bless you hope your feeling better

Years ago my daughter had a tape with some of your songs on it. The name of the tape was Jesus, King of My Heart. I lost that tape and have looked high and low to find another one. Any suggestions? I would love to give it to her for her children to listen to.

1982, Minneapolis, MN a high school teacher brought me to your concert and I heard you sing for the first time...IT CHANGED MY LIFE...and I paid it forward by singing your songs for years...name one person who impacted your life in a similar way.

Did you sing back at a youth Evangelistic concert around 1987? It would have just been a couple of songs, but it ended with a rose in the middle of the stage?

Hi, Mark! Would you ask Sandi if she has ever recorded a duet with Steve Green? I heard them sing together at a Gaither Trio concert way, way back when they were back-up singers. Unforgettable!

Mark, if you think this is too personal a question please don't ask. Did Sandi feel that she was treated differently as a Christian going thru her divorce, than if she hadn't been?

For Sandi - When did you start singing? Who or which group(s) influenced you? 😁 BTW - I heard you in Portland, Oregon in the 80's - my first paid concert ❤

Sandi, do you have a favorite Scripture passage or experience that helped you through life challenges?

Sandi, What was the experience like when you sang “A Whole New World” on Mark’s Broadway video with David Phelps?

Sandi: I first heard you in the late 70's when you were singing with your mom, dad, and brothers. What is your earliest memory singing with your family?

Any plans to ever record again or was "Forever Grateful" the last album???? It's an amazing album by the way 🙂

What is the most surprising statement that Gloria Gaither ever said to you?

Sandy: What song affects you most deeply when you sing it--even if you've sung it for many years?

What are three things on your bucket list that you would like to do, visit, etc?

You took piano lessons when you were a child, right? For how long did you study?

Love Sandi so looking forward to this. my question. Why won't you sing with Mark

Sandi, would you and Mark ever go on tour together? Have you in the past?

Who has been your hero or heroine that you have looked up to?

Who is the one person you have never sung with that you would like to?

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I am hard headed and it takes awhile for God to get through to me. Last night, in the middle of one of my monologues between songs I said something I’ve said off and on for four years. I don’t say it every night. But whenever it pops into my head it comes out my mouth. Why? Because it makes a point. And people laugh. But it is wrong.

The Lord has gently tweaked my heart about this humor before. But last night, I felt my spirit drop. It felt like I lost my breath. My heart hurt. And I knew I had offended my Father and my face showed it. I had to let everybody know what happened. Plus, they were the ones that had to hear it, so I confessed it. Then I moved on.

I love how The Lord corrects us. It’s never condemning. There’s a difference between conviction and condemnation. As my friend Russ Taff says, “If you’re Jesus is a condemning Jesus you need to fire him you’ve got the wrong one.” The Bible says that Jesus did not come to condemn us but set us free. And He’s the perfect parent. Never humiliates. Never one-lick too many. Always correction that feels good and right once you agree with Him. And the quicker we confess it the quicker it will be over!
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I don’t know what you said, and don’t ever need to know. Of this I am certain: you have a heart of gold and a kind, loving spirit. We’re all human, we all mess up, we all offend and disappoint our Father at times, we all need to repent, and when we do He always, always forgives us and loves us. I’m sorry this happened to you, but you set an example for everyone in that audience last night when you told them about it, and also for everyone you’ve shared with now. Thank you for your honesty, your humility, your sweet spirit. You are a dear, sweet man.

Not sure what you said....but knowing your heart, your intention was not to offend. Glad you handled it well and moved on. Sometimes we just open our mouth to change feet 🙂 to quote "Frozen" Let it gooooo !!! <3

You are a blessing to us all, and I'm sure whatever was said was not meant in spite. I am so glad that you listened to that still quiet voice that gently correct us. You are a true man of God.

Thank you for this testimony, Mark. It resonates with all of us who fall short. So we keep on learning & growing. Your ministry, through humor & song, has lifted my soul for years. 💕

Mark, we all fall short. You know why? We are always on our way to perfection. And it’s a long journey with many chapters- some funny, some sad, some you can’t get through fast enough! Love 💕 you!

Peter and David both were men after God's own heart. When pierced, as a result of their tender heart and love for the Lord, they were forgiven and restored. And let's not forget, they were mightily used of God. Your story makes us even more fond of you. God surely must delight as he looks upon your heart❤️

Brother Mark thank you for your honesty and Knowing you this oopps didn't happen on purpose. All Gods children have open mouth, insert foot ides... We all love you and your precious love forJesus and, for people young and old!! THis makes me think that GOD wanted you to turn this experience into a stepping stone!!! Why don't we sing about the goodness of the LORD!!

Perfect people(if they could exixt) do not need God! Be grateful He loves you and has given you the power to show His love to others through humor and song.

We are only human. And we are all that we can be with the Lord's help. God didn't make us perfect. We were never meant to be. I admire you for sharing it with the audience. You're a sweet caring person who loves the Lord. And has let the Lord use you just like your mom knew. It's not just your talent but you're honesty with your fans that keep us coming back. Thank you for all you do and continue to do for the Lord. I've been a fan of yours since I saw you on the Gathers. God bless you Mark.

What a wonderful testimony! I'm thankful that God deals with us in a gentle loving way. In my reading this morning I came across something from Oswald Chambers on conviction. "... and when the Holy Spirit rouses the conscience and brings him into the presence of God, it is not his relationship with men that bothers him, but his relationship with God." You may not be perfect but your humility in confessing like that shows your Godly character.

Love your truth and humility! Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. But his delight is in the law of the Lord...

Welcome to the Club. If the Lord doesn't squeeze your heart- your brain would not get the message. God's grace is working. I had you Mom in class at LU and did business deals with your Dad. Enjoy the day. Roy E. Yarbrough Romans 12:!2

💜💜💜 U Mark Lowry!!! God has made you an amazing man that has touched many hearts over and over again. Thank you for being you!!!

You have shown me there is humor in a serious commitment to the lord. And now you are showing us that he not only has a plan for us... but is a lord of spontaneity as well 😀 good to know!!!

Amen! 1 John 4:16 The Message (MSG) 13-16 This is how we know we’re living steadily and deeply in him, and he in us: He’s given us life from his life, from his very own Spirit. Also, we’ve seen for ourselves and continue to state openly that the Father sent his Son as Savior of the world. Everyone who confesses that Jesus is God’s Son participates continuously in an intimate relationship with God. We know it so well, we’ve embraced it heart and soul, this love that comes from God. We cannot begin to understand how much God loves each and everyone of us. We can accept by faith that God is love, completely, always and forever! When God corrects - it is with the fullness of his grace and love for us. We are all curious, adventurous, and amazed on our journey for truth and love. We make mistakes and it is from the courage to make mistakes that we learn. For me, that is the part that makes life real!

You would never intentionally offend anyone. We all make mistakes but thankfully God hears our cries, takes us in his arms and forgives. Amen !

We've all been in this position. I love how open you are to confess that the Holy Spirit corrected you. I've been there and it's a learning experience you don't forget. I'm so glad the Lord gives us that gift. We love you Mark!

I've been there a lot of times, and Thankful He set me straight. He also has corrected me when I interpret a scripture wrong, then tells me what it really is. Don't we love it when He is so gentle and kind!!

We've all been there, Mark. I know you well enough to know you would never say something intentionally to hurt or offend someone. Isn't it great that no matter what, God still loves us and is there with open arms of love?

Mark we all do dumb things i know my problem, well not going to say but we all make mistakes and we have a father thats loves us and cares for us God Bless

I love having a God Who ALWAYS loves and forgives, and I only wish some of the people I know would finally come to realize that same thing! One certain guy I know, I'm always telling him to think BEFORE he speaks, because often times he'll tend to have a little bit of a 'foot-in-mouth syndrome' kinda thing goin' on, and he doesn't seem to realize at times just how bad his words can actually hurt! I mean, it's not usually like it's intentional, it just, like you've said before, comes out his mouth faster than he can stop it sometimes! Lol! Thanks so much for speaking to my heart through this wonderful post today, Mark! I really needed it this mornin'! You're awesome! (But then ya already knew that, right?) 😉 Lol! Stay safe and well, and God Bless your sweet heart and soul! Love ya so much, Hon! 😉💜

As I have said before.."It flew out of my mouth before I could catch it". It's not even really bad in today's culture, but even a little measure off of what would please Jesus, bothers me, for good reason. The 99.9% of everything else you said, I'm sure was a blessing. You turned your verbal malfunction into a lesson for all of us. So much appreciation for all that you are and do in Jesus name! <3

Well, the Spirit is moving..everyone one of us lacks the correct way of serving Him. Praise God He is moving in our lives. You are a blessing to all those who have seen or will see you perform.

if THE LORD didnt care he woulnt call us on our stuff. You took care of it well . The Lord used you to show others what to do when THE LORD corrects us. Thsnk You for being a great role model

Thanks for being real Mark, for giving God the glory, even in the midst of our sin and failures...He is right there!

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God’s wisdom = Living an honorable life evidenced by good works lived out in humility.

Worldly-demonic wisdom = jealous, selfish ambition, covers up the truth with boasting and lying, which leads to evil and disorder of every kind.

Who does this remind you of?

James 3:13-16 NLT
[13] If you are wise and understand God's ways, prove it by living an honorable life, doing good works with the humility that comes from wisdom. [14] But if you are bitterly jealous and there is selfish ambition in your heart, don't cover up the truth with boasting and lying. [15] For jealousy and selfishness are not God's kind of wisdom. Such things are earthly, unspiritual, and demonic. [16] For wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and evil of every kind.
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This is so very true, and needs to be highlighted, underscored, and memorized. Who does this remind me of? The first example: you, my parents and family, many friends, and others in the world. It’s what I strive for every day. The second example: far too many people today, in politics, the entertainment industry, the media, everywhere. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone did as Jesus said? Matthew 22:37-40 NLT [37] Jesus replied, “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. [38] This is the first and greatest commandment. [39] A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ [40] All the other commandments and all the demands of the prophets are based on these two commandments.”

Who does this remind me of? Reminds me of me and who I am, SEPARATE from Christ. I am His trophy of redemption. I am redeemed💕

Thanks everyone for not being political like other sites are. This remind me of me and of every person I meat. We are all sinners and need God’s forgiveness and mercy.

A man who feels confident in his Foundation can speak the Truth even if that Truth is unpopular. A man of honor can do it in a way that brings edification and knowledge. ❤️

Too many people fit the latter description, I am afraid. Many are celebrities and easily observed by all. The former describes you.

Sad to say that it reminds me of myself at times. I do it to protect myself. I'm stubborn, a perfectionist and don't handle criticism very well. Lord, help me to do what i know is glorifying to you. It's too easy for me to point a finger at the person that has hurt me the most in my life. I'm responsible for my own actions. I can only repent from and confess my own sins. I've been forgiven and who am I to not offer the same?

Everyday we should be doing self evaluation and asking God to search our heart and ask God to show us where we are wrong. And continue in prayer and repentance. The Holy Spirit will show us our errors. If people are smart they will turn away from wickedness and turn back to Jesus.

It reminds me of me. Although I try everyday to do the best I can, I often fail. But I know the Lord forgives me so I remind myself to keep trying harder to do what the Lord has taught us.

Thank you for sharing this.Its so true and I pray everyday for Gods wisdom ,mercy,and grace .He is my savior and I love him so.

Who does this remind me of ?? Sadly someone comes to mind and at times that can be me. Thankfully I can turn to my Saviour and feel humbled

at times I find myself know what I should do and then I do the opposite and find myself needing correction but God is good it's more like when as a child you said something rude to a stranger and your parent took you by the hand and said say your sorry and then you were confined to the hand for awhile.

WOW!!! Using this tomorrow at my church!! Too many problems right now!! ( and it is a very small church in a very small town) sometimes I wish GOD had not put me here !!Almost quit this week ( the Pastor too) We Prayed and we are staying !!! Prayers Please!!! So very few in the church but still one or two want to run it!!! ( right into the ground !!) GOD , you put me here, give me strength!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

I see this as a reminder to allow the holy spirit to work in me daily to remove that wich is evil. We battle daily against the flesh and can only change through the redemptive power of Jesus. Thank you God for the ability to become more like you!

Thank you, Mark, I needed that encouragement just now. God bless.

hmm... this reminds me of myself - I am both - intrinsically I am of God and situationally I am of the world. I believe that I am created in love, by God, and saved through Jesus Christ's sacrifice. Yet, every moment of every day as my heart desires to love God and serve my Lord, through unconditionally loving and serving others, with humility, I also fall short through sin. I am both and God's saving grace gives me the opportunity (over and over) to repent of my sin and draw closer to the person God would have me be.

This is a reminder that we need to let the Holy Spirit work in us to change us daily and make us more like Jesus...

So true! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! ❤️❤️💕💕🎶🎶

Daily, I sing the song "Father God" to start my day. I need God's guidance and wisdom to counteract this crazy world we live in.

Thanks for sharing Mark this world needs to hear this you are a Blessing . We the fans love you so much .

I just heard something I LOVE: Reputation is what you do when people are around you, Character is what you do when you are alone.

Mark Lowry, My wife (Jeana Bennett Strickland) & I saw you last night in Tifton Ga. It was my 1st time seeing you and I thoroughly loved it! Thank you SO much for coming to south Ga! I'm going to look for recordings of your shows.

My goal in life is live my life for God, so when I stand before Him he can say well done.

Really enjoyed last night in Dothan. Thank you for helping us laugh,turn shades of red and yes even wipe a few tears. Continue your journey with much strength and love.

Everyday , and the people that are around us.


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Here’s the latest video from my YouTube channel. I’m talking about Mama and Dementia.

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel here: www.youtube.com/user/marklowry?sub_confirmation=1Mark Lowry is at Women of Joy and talks about his mom and her dementia.
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When I was growing up Miss Mary played the piano in church. Years later she was in the same nursing home as my grandmother and both no longer had their memories. Miss Mary couldn't read nor recognize anyone. They would push her wheelchair to the piano & ask her to play. She would say, "Oh, I can't play." But when they would put an open hymn book on the piano stand, she would start playing beautifully! Now, mind, she couldn't read that hymn book and she never turned a page, but she would play hymn after hymn until she was tired. Selah.

Thanks for sharing this, Mark! You know I always have said that I miss my daddy praying for me. He's been in heaven for over almost 12 years now. I liked what you said about your mama pushing her way to the front to let God know what her boy needs. I can picture my precious Papa doing the same thing for me. Hugs and blessings! Don't stop the funny! It's reaching so many people for Jesus! 💜

My sister had dementia Visiting her toward the end was such a challenge...but when we would go to the church service at the nursing home...no matter what she no longer knew...she remembered the verses of so many hymns

Mark, your momma was right! God is using you in so many ways. The night after I buried my Momma I went online and started listening to your comedy videos. I sat up all night laughing and crying! It was such a blessing and comfort to laugh. I had the privilege of knowing your momma and she was something else! She was an amazing Christian. Loved hearing her sing. Thank you for sharing.

The seeds of your mother's love, prayers, and wisdom have multiplied beyond imagination as you have shared your talent and testimony with thousands of others. It just goes to show how God uses the power of our prayers and words for His glory. Have you ever put her words on a t-shirt? What a way to tell thousands that "One day God is going to use you." Just reading those words takes my breath away even at my age, because He is going to use me somehow, sometime, somewhere, and I can't wait to see what He has in store for me.

Dementia in a loved one, especially a parent, is saddening and so awfully hard. My daddy had paranoia and dementia due to the end stages of Parkinson’s. How blessed we are to know that they are in Heaven, healed for all eternity, and we’ll see them again someday! Their eyes will be clear and so will their minds, and my mama (who is also in Heaven) has been forever healed from lupus. Praise God! Thank you for sharing this video with us. ❤️

Mark Lowry: except I shouldn’t watch when I’m ready to go to sleep🤣😂🤣

Before I stopped doing home care most of my people had dementia I never knew day to day how they were going to be. I loved working with them...Mark you and your family did a great job with your mom..

Your Mama was right, Mark. God is using you. Perhaps in ways you don't even fully understand... 🌻

I just love your stories and humor!!! God has surely used you in so many ways Mark

I enjoyed this. My dad was the same in not remembering who we were but talked up a storm each visit.

I work with this everyday as an activities director and I’m so blessed 👵🏻❤️We watched your Dogs go to Heaven DVD last wk for Dog Days😂They love you. See you tonight in Dothan, Alabama 🙌😊

Thank you for sharing that video of your momma. My mother has had dementia for almost 10 years now. She loves listening to the old hymns and knows every word! It’s such a blessing because it truly feeds her Spirit.

Dementia and Alzheimer in a Grandparent and a Parent is hard to watch someone with this. I stayed with my Grandmother who had Alzheimer and Dementia. There was good days and then there was bad days. I have to say more bad days than you could count. I know that she went to the head of the line to talk with Jesus about her family how she prayed for all of us. She is singing with the Angles. I miss her every day. she has been gone 9 years this passed March.

Mark you talk about dementia with humor but it's a serious subject many families are d going through. I'm sure you helped others realize they're not alone.

The song about Mama still knowing’Amazing Grace’????? You could sing that❣️

Maybe God spoke to her through Scripture and every time she said God is going to use you, she was standing in faith, in believing what she was shown. We know that her words came true.

Such a blessing you have such wonderful memories of your mamma. AND videos! To hear her voice.... and then to Share with everyone! Thank you.

I think about your notes when one of my hyperactive students make me insane! I send notes home reminding them that Jesus loves them just as they are! Then I write me a note telling me Jesus got me through that day!

Thanks for sharing! That was great! My grandmother on my mom’s side had Alzheimer’s ... it was difficult. So thankful that she’s healthy and well again in heaven!

Right!!! Sending children to their room now would be like sending them into TOYs R Us!!! ( they have so much!!!😁😁😁

This was so good. I have heard most these stories but never in this form. Loved it! 😊

That’s the message I want to tell my sweet grand babies! Thank you, Mark!

I love that story. There is nothing like a mothers love.

God has answered her prayer for you! Thank you for sharing ❤ 🙏 for you

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I heard Bill Gaither say one time, “If you ever see a turtle sitting on a fence post you know he didn’t get there by himself.” I was in the shower a minute ago and started thinking of all the people in my life who put me on this fence post.

It started with Mama. She’s the first one to tell me His name. Then there were others in our Baptist church like Delores Sims, who was always willing to share with me what she was learning about God. And, Joyce Thompson who loved to bake me chocolate pies when I needed one. (Also very important.)

Then as I continued to think through my life and being grateful for all of them (the good and the not so good) I started thanking God for Miss Johnson. She was my third grade teacher who could only take a week of me before I was moved to Mrs. Hollan’s class who loved me and took me on walks when I got hyper and told me God liked me. I’m thankful for Mrs. Hollan AND Miss Johnson. If it wasn’t for Miss Johnson I would have never met Mrs. Hollan.

I’m also thankful for my Sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Barth, who couldn’t stand me. But because I was in her class I got one of my earliest stories. (Google: Mark Lowry Miss Barth)

As I went down my list. I gotta tell ya. I’m the sum of everyone I’ve ever come in contact with. Most of these people you wouldn’t know but they are people who shaped my life. Formed my theology. And helped me see that God is really nice. He’s kind. He’s loving. He never gets in a hurry. And He's out of His ever-loving mind over you and me.

At least, that has been my experience, so far. I guess the old song is true, “It gets sweeter as the days go by.”
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I think this 'putting people on a fence post works both ways! Just the other day someone said, "Did you know she taught Mark Lowry in third grade?" Thank God for universities that send student teachers to public schools. That was the reason I could leave the classroom and we could take many walks! So thankful we've remained friends for over fifty years! (Yes, I'm 'older than God' now....86 this month!!)

I'm thankful for you and your wonderful singing voice it's amazing how much fun it is to travel around and getting to know your friends and for me getting to see you in person I'm so happy to hear about your journey with Jesus Christ he's the lord of all creation he has done great things he loves us he died for us and came back to life so we all can live an eternity with him today and every day!

Mark, you have done well and I am proud and thankful!!!!

I'm thankful and feel blessed by God when I think about how He has placed people in my path and they are and have been all the right people to help me along my travels of life here on earth to keep me strong and mindful that God loves me no matter what.

Such sweet, insightful thoughts! I’m thankful for all of the people in your life who “put you on that fence post,” because you are one very special, kind, loving, anointed “turtle.” You inspire and bless us all. I’m thankful for you, the public figure, who brings laughter and wonderful music into my life, and I’m also very thankful for the quiet, deep, and gentle “regular guy” you are. Phil. 1:3

I am blessed by ‘balcony’ people. My friends and family who have always prayed for me and cheered for me from far away. Some I know because someone told someone who told someone..and some I haven’t met yet. But it has always been in the precious name of Jesus. Thank you for being such a blessing to so many...all because of technology . Who would of thought that the opportunity to communicate with THE Mark Lowry and hear him sing and laugh out loud....would be easier than baking a chocolate cake.

Well said Brother Mark🙌I’m grateful for even the difficult times when I praised Him in the storm for those were (are) the times He held me to become who I am in Him alone. In reference to comments above about marriage, maybe you haven’t met the right one yet. I’ll be her tonight at your performance in Dothan,Al😉Just kidding I’m happily single and have all your VHS tapes as well as DVD’s so..... that makes me 60-ish😂See you tonight 😊

AMEN, Mark! Tell it! Ya know, ya really have a way of grabbin' and keepin' someone's attention! This post in itself was such an interesting read, I swear I was stuck in it and couldn't stop readin' it 'til I read the whole thing! Lol! What an awesome testimony, Mark! It does get sweeter as the days go by, doesn't it?! Heaven's where it's at, and I'm SO glad I'm goin'! Stay safe and well, and don't sweat too much, Mark! Lol! God Bless ya! Love ya so much, Hon! 😉💜

"In the designs of Providence everything is meant to be." Your design was for the world. I can only imagine how many souls you’ve touched!

Mark....between you and Bart Millard....i have a whole new exciting appreciation of who GOD is and that he actually IS crazy about me.....even when i fall down.....he still loves me regardless of my state...he never changes he is the same yesterday today and forever.....Thank You for everything, through what you just said I Heard From Home

Many, many people have you on their list of those who helped them get to the top of the fence. Stories and songs that make us laugh and cry. God loves us more than we can even imagine. And He cares about our daily lives. Thanks for sharing today.😊

Good way to look at life. I think that our walk with God is sweeter as we grow in Him. The closer we are to Him the more He reveals to us of who He is. That takes time and maturity on our part. He definitely sets us off on a great adventure.

What a beautiful analogy. I am sure you could come up with many a stories of all the people who have been a part of your life whether just for a moment or for a lifetime. You are well blessed my friend, and in that you bless so many others.

I just read Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews..... sort of makes me think of that. You’ve created endless laughter and the gift of beautiful music, probably a consequence of those influences in your life, making you a treasure.

Beautifully put! ❤ Thank you for sharing and for helping to remind us to be thankful for the good and for, what we may perceive, as bad at the time. I enjoy seeing how your mind works...from one ADHD person to another 😁🤪

I am reading the old testament, and I am almost finished with 1st Samuel. It is full of blood, pain, and lots of gory things. God seems like the best of two evils. I know Jesus ( if we have seen Him, we have seen the Father) was about Love, but God was all about my way or the highway. I think this is about the 3rd time I have read the Bible all the way though. At any rate, God willing, I plan to read it all the way through. I know the world is really evil, and I would certainly not choose to follow satan. I know sin caused all this evil, and I was born into a corrupt world. I know I am a sinner in need of forgiveness. Honestly, though I find it difficult to feel like God loves me with deep compassion. I know He sent His Son to die on the cross. That was the only loophole that would save the human race, and Jesus choose to die & cover our sins with His blood. In the New Testament it states that Love in not envious, but in the Old Testament God was a Jealous God. God is love. Jesus is love. I grew-up in a disfunctional family, & so it is hard for me to believe in unconditional love. If you grow-up in a warm & fuzzy world it is easier to believe in unconditional love. Don't get me wrong. I definitely choose God, and He has choosen me. No worries. God Bless you.

Each step on our journey is a stepping stone, be it a person, place or thing that God puts in front of us. We can only pray that we have open hearts to let our Savior lead us to Heaven on the journey He paved for us. He is " out of His ever-loving mind over you and me " 💞

Many are blessed by others. Like so many sitting to hear great men of God every year at the annual Bible conference, you along with Charles and David, Beulah Land, Life Action Singers, Christian education and all the Gospel Quartets I heard since my cousin sang tenor with the Blackwoods.

Wow, thank you! I needed to see this today. I have been listening to "Make It Real" this week & I am so thankful for the gifts God has given to each of us. I am far from perfect but I am His special kid - thank you for sharing your life with us! Keep it real. 🙏 for you.

Hello from Weatherford, Tx. Thank you Mark! You made me think of all the people in my life who meant a great deal, who helped make me the woman I am today. Even the horrid people that were a part of my life helped shape me. I love listening to your videos. I enjoy laughing. I try to find humor in all circumstances of my life.

This made me smile, thanks kindly , Mark. I was blessed with many loving influences in my life so the few who were extremely cruel (including one egocentric priest) provided valuable lessons of forgiveness and that I never wanted to make someone feel the way they made me feel. God sure knows what He is doing!! Love you!

Thank you Mark for sharing these thoughts!! I think I could say the same thing about my life. God really takes care of His children and will continue until He takes us home to be with Him. I thank Him for you and what you stand for. May God bless you richly as you continue to serve Him. I doubt that we will ever meet on planet Earth, but we certainly will when we gather around the Throne to praise and glorify Our Heavenly Father. Until then, my brother, keep on keeping on. We need your message!!

You are so right. Even those who were cruel or hurt us had a hand in shaping us. If Sandra Glover wouldn't have treated me like dirt and made me quit my high school choir job I never would have entered a Christian counseling ministry with Ran Stovall, which led me to some pastoring positions...and so forth. And the start to your story helps me to understand myself so much...a turtle on a fence post.

You're not gonna believe this.. or maybe you will, you don't know me anyway 😏 but I had the SAME train of thought during my shower this morning. Although, the names are different, I was thanking God for all the people he put in my life, as family, friends, support, teachers & those I thought weren't the right fit, still fit in my life for a reason. Also, you didn't mention Helen Hampf. hehe

Awww ~ Thank you, Mark, for sharing ~ I, too, reflect on the stepping stones that molded & shaped shaped the path of my faith ~ so many people involved, many who I never really knew (perhaps, “angels, unaware”) so grateful for every one ~ for most of us, it takes a village to help us thru this awesome journey❤️ and what’s really good & humbling is we don’t graduate ~ always learning about dependence on our Father🌹

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