Singer, songwriter, author, and humorist Mark Lowry is best known for penning the lyric to the Christmas classic “Mary Did You Know?” and singing baritone for the GRAMMY© Award-winning Gaither Vocal Band for many years. Lowry, who’s entertained audiences since he was 11 years old, has a unique gift of communicating profound Biblical truths through music and storytelling. His life’s work features a large catalog of diverse projects including many videos, books, and CDs.

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18 hours ago


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Guy penrod awesome Mark

You did a great job last night with candy Christmas the harmonies were gorgeously beautiful I loved it mark Lowry guess what I listened to it one more time before I went to bed last night I love harmony the song softly and tenderly has nice harmonies I hope you keep making harmonies with your singing voice love you

I couldn't make the GVB reunion but I have watched many of the videos posted. I've laughed and cried and loved them all! I cannot wait for the video to be released! Thank you to all the GVB members and thank you, Mark for sharing your incredible humor, your remarkable singing voice, and your ”wonderful love of God!”

Looking forward to seeing this interview with Guy Pernod. I wonder what stories he could tell. Mark you need to write a book.

I Love Monday's with Mark. This one with Candy Christmas was another great one. I have already watched it twice. I also shared it. I have watched many of them over and take away something I missed the first time. I am looking forward to Guy Penrod. Have a great day!♥️

That will be the first Monday evening I Wil be off in it seems like forever. Will watch. The morning of my mother's funeral , our God woke me up with Guy singing palms of victory crowns of glory. That song stayed with me all day long. God has blessed me many times like this. That particular song I had not heard in , I know , it must be years. Anyway I look forward to finally listening to your program.

I can't wait they will probably laugh together and I know that they will talk about the Lord and probably sing something together on Mondays with Mark.

Yay! It was so great to hear him this past weekend!

I’m looking forward to seeing Guy and his wife! Thank you, Mark, for providing this opportunity.

Can't wait for next Monday's MWM!!! I really have enjoyed attending several of his concerts during the past year.

Can’t wait! Two men of God filled with the love of Jesus and my two fav GVB singers! Oh, what a time! 🎶 🎶 ♥️

I always meant to tell you guys that I really love your feet. GOD said in His Word "How beautiful are the feet of those who deliver the good news!"

Yay! Guy Penrod and Mark Lowry ! Great MONDAYS WITH MARK ❤🎉❤🎉

Congrats on your Dove award last night.

So looking forward to your ‘chat’ with Guy Penrod. Thank you! 🙏🤗💕

Mark you always have fun with Guy! Looking forward to this.

Congratulations on your Dove Award.

Looking forward to both of you

This was at a concert in Springdale Ark. We had a great time.

One of my favorite singers besides you and Michael English.

Guy is an awesome person. Can't wait for this one!

This is not to be missed. Can’t wait.

He did a concert at my old church

That should be one awesome Monday.

Oh boy this will be a great night 🧡🧡💜💜💛💛

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Wow! The Gaither Vocal Band Reunion concert was amazing. Bill was in hog heaven. He walked around like the canary that ate the cat. He was surrounded by men who had worked for him and still loved him and respected him. The love on that stage was palpable. I couldn't make it to the rehearsal the night before so Gloria sent me the clip below.Gaither Vocal Band Reunion concert rehearsal. ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

Video image


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So so sad there won’t be a DVD if this , I understand it’s costly and time consuming .... but probably would of surpassed all the other DVDs combined 😢 Thanks for the sneak peak ,,,, amazing 💖💖💖

Thanks Mark! The whole weekend was awesome. When our LORD is lifted up like He was this weekend it can only be good

Trust me, Mark, we were ALL in Hog Heaven. It was an experience I will never forget................I am so lucky, and blessed to have been there. I traveled from Michigan, and it was worth every mile!!! I was a Gold ticket holder, and I really enjoyed the whole week end.......you were all so wonderful...........so much talent on one stage.................thank you.........😊💕

I was post-op and couldn't go. I am praying that they do a CD or DVD. I would definitely buy them. So sad I missed it. Thank you for the sneak peek. They sounded awesome; just like I imagine it will sound in heaven!

It was so good!! I’m so glad you got to sing Mary Did You Know... no one sings it like you!! It was my first concert and first time meeting y’all. I followed y’all for years and it’s a dream come true!! I miss it already...

Something intensely reMARKable happens when God’s people are gathered together singing Him praises. Seems it really is a little slice of heaven on this side of eternity, and so we get a glimpse of what it will be when we go HOME💘.

Bill Gather has brought some amazing voices and men of God through so many decades. Mark you are amazing and so funny, you don't look the old man in UP.

Awesome singing like the angels. I am so heartbroken I could not attend after having front row seats for Friday and Saturday night wow I missed a good one. God bless each of you and I hope it I'll have the opportunity to say I love you soon

I am thoroughly disgusted that I wasn't able to attend. That had to be a concert of a lifetime. Hoping the turnout was so great Bill decides to do a "one more time tour" with all the previous GVB members!!! Or better yet have them all on the Alaska cruise next year!!!!

Love these guys. All talented but none any better than our own Mark Lowry. Bet Bill still wishes he could've kept you. 😉❤❤

It was amazing! We were there Saturday night, last performance. A Thrill of my lifetime. We had CHURCH!! Can’t wait to get to Heaven and sing with you all!!

He was on cloud nine. I pray he does this again. Wowwww

It was a fantastic weekend. Seeing everyone together was a once in a life-time event. Michael was beyond words..thanks to all of you 🙏🏼❤️

I love hearing them sing!! Such amazing harmony! I also like Guy Penrod, David Phelps and Jason Crabb and The Crabb Family.

WOW!!! Incredible!!!

The Reunion Concert was my favorite of all the Homecoming events I’ve attended. What a joy to be a part of this INCREDIBLE worship experience! Graduated from LU with your mama, Mark! She would have been thrilled with your amazing week!!!

What a great word, “palpable!” That college education was worth every penny! I would love to hear Kevin’s definition though! Seriously, I bet that was a surreal experience! Will Mr Bill be offering this live event for a future recorded project?

Thank you for sharing. I watched the Dove Awards last night. Wow! Singing was amazing and the speeches were inspiring. ♥️♥️

The Gaither Vocal Band and Bill and Gloria Gaither....As devote fans of this wonderful music, we would love a recording of this great music.....Please, Please make a recording so people like us in Australia and other countries can enjoy this wonderful music of God....

It was a remarkable experience Mark, all of you did yourselves proud....and I am sure Bill is beyond the moon proud of all of you and thrilled so many love his body of work through the years...he has reason to be.....each of you bring something unique to the music and us, as Bill calls us, the Church....and we are blessed to feel your honest and sincere faith, as well as the witness of music.... .

Fabulous sound. Hope there is a CD in the making!

Love the Gaither Vocal Band! Listen to them everday I couldn’t make it. I hope they have another one.

I love acapella! Thanks for sharing this.

I’ve thot about that whole reunion thing all weekend - it must be a glimpse of a sliver of heaven to be able to participate! Thanks to all of you that have ministered to me in my lifetime.

💖Loved everything about the weekend! Wished I could have met you! Hoping to see you on the cruise!!!

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Talked to Bill Gaither this morning. He’s still stoked about last nights Gaither Vocal Band Reunion concert in Greenville, SC. What an event it was. Two concerts. A morning worship service and two meet and greet opportunities. Now I’m headed home. ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Talked to Bill Gaither this morning. He’s still stoked about last nights Gaither Vocal Band Reunion concert in Greenville, SC. What an event it was. Two concerts. A morning worship service and two meet and greet opportunities. Now I’m headed home.


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Please, please, please, please, PLEASE, tell me there will be a DVD of the reunion!!!

The GVB Reunion was epic, history making, and filled with Jesus! The talent was unending and given freely by all. Bill and Gloria, thank you for your witness and messages. It was life changing for us!!!!!

It was truly incredible. What a weekend!! Last night after Michael sang I Bowed on my knees and cried Holy I thought perhaps the Lord was coming back. Very emotional for everyone. Truly one of the best Gaither events.

So pleased it went well! Now rest!!!! Look forward to watching the DVD! What a Riviera it must have been 🙂

Great Reunion Concert!! I noticed that Jim Murray was there Friday night but not Saturday night. Did he have a scheduling conflict on Saturday?

Would LOVED to have seen that! I love you guys, no matter members, but I especially like them when it was you, Guy Penrod, David Phelps and Bill.

Mark, you gave us many laughs besides blessing us with your music! I hear many say that they wish you and Michael English would do some concerts together!

Would love to have been ther all those great voices Mark you amaze me love your voice your sill jokes always . I love you tube. So i can see a lot of what ive missed lol . You cheer me up !!!!

Watched a video on FB someone posted of last night. It was AWESOME! Y’all are the best!!!!Can’t wait to hear more about it. See you on MWM! Safe travels!

I only saw pictures and videos, but it would have been great to be there. I’m sure it was an awesome concert!

We had the privilege of going to Friday night's concert. It was great! Thanks to all of you for coming. We especially enjoyed you, Larnell, Michael, Guy, David, Kevin, all the basses, and of course, Bill and Gloria (Hoosiers!!!!!).

because we all love you, let me to encourage you to either slow down, or just eat more..you're losing a whole lot lately..I guess you are running more than resting these days..don't let the self neglect catch up with you..we all need you to stay with us for years ahead..Love you in Christ and praying for your added strength and good health always..

Mark got to see Part of Saturdays show. Somebody did a live on it. It was the best hour and a half I had in a long time. I loved seeing and hearing you guys ♥️

It was a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed every minute of it. It ended too quickly. Can’t wait for the DVD.

A tremendous reunion. Of course, you were so funny as usual. Loved all three services. Five of us came from Tennessee to see your reunion and had a blast.

You look tired Mark.. get some rest and hug those baby dogs.. they must miss you so much.. do you ever take them in the bus with you when you're on the road?

Funny thing is the hair of the person behind you made it look like you were "branching out!" LOL Great photo and wish we could have been there! God bless you always Mark!

I would love to have been there. I’m in Pigeon Forge Tn going to a little ball game with a bunch of 10 year olds. I’m glad you had fun and had a blast. Love ❤️ you and have a safe trip home

I know it must have been an amazing time for all. No doubt this event was a memory maker for the artists and the audience.

I thought the roof was going to open up and heaven come down when you guys did "I Bowed On My Knees" - thank you for giving your God-given talent back to Him.

Mark Lowry, I was there on Friday night and looked for you, but never found you during intermission. It was a wonderful night and such a blessing of my soul! I'm sorry I missed seeing you at the tables, but so glad i got to see you on stage.

Please convince Bill to make this an annual event. I wanted to be there this year but just couldn’t. Now safe travels going home 💗💗

Mark, you were awesome. This was a once in a lifetime experience for me. I came from Michigan..............you were all such a blessing to me..........😊💕

Thank you Mark. I had my own motorcycle wreck and we couldn't come see y'all. I hope to see you soon. Have a nice trip. The Ellenburg family says "we love you!"

You look a little tired, but very happy! Thrilled that you got to be there! Wish I could have been too! Safe travels home! Hugs and blessings! 😇

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More pictures from day 2 of the GVB reunion. ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago


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Where’s David Phelps?

We went on the 2017 Alaskan cruise. We live in Arizona and go to concerts when we can. We enjoyed your concert at Grand Canyon Arena. We wanted to go to South Carolina for the reunion weekend but couldn’t make it. We are hoping that DVDs will soon be released of the weekend. Thanks for the pictures. By the way we are in some of the video you shared on Facebook from the cruise.

What a wonderful weekend! I know you had a blast. I wish I could have been there to see all of you. I’m praying for you to have travel safety as you head for Nashville for Reba’s party, and as you get to head back home for some rest. Take care of yourself!

Hey Mark Two Saturday’s In a row to see you. It was Awesome Tonight. So glad that Bill said Dony & Reba was there. Had not seen Reba in probably 30 years. Found Her and talk with Her. A number one Rambo Fan. Thanks For Sharing The Pictures.

David Phelps is missing! Best GVB was you, Guy, and David! And of course, Bill.

It looks like a weekend of greats: great friends, great memories, great musicians, great crowd, great time, great pictures! I'm looking forward to hearing the GVB at the Celebrator's Conference on Tuesday in Pigeon Forge. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I am still very impressed with the quality of the photos taken with your new phone.

You got some wonderful pictures and memories. I am 🤢 with envy. Thank you so much for sharing. It makes me smile!😄

Would you kiss Guy and Larnell for me? On the cheek would be good.

Great pictures. Love seeing them. But love to see your smile and happiness.

You always have so much fun. Love your pictures. Oh to be a fly on the wall to see and hear everyone.

Just got home from tonight's concert IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

Enjoyed my time with y’all so much!

I so wanted to go! Just didn't work out financially or with husband's surgery schedule 😥.

What a beautiful brunch of wonderful gospel singers.

Miss You And Guy Singing With Vocal Group. But Everyone Is Good

Great pictures! Lots of talent and love in these pictures!

So great Mark..do you miss the group?

Heaven life time friends. How great 💕

Oh, how I wish I could have been there

looks like fun times

Fun times with old friends

Love GVB!

Mark is so awesome!!

WOW great pictures

Great pictures Mark

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More GVB Reunion pictures @ Bon Secours Wellness Arena ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago


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Did Guy Penrod show up?

Where’s david 🧐🧐🤔🤔

This may remind you “All Dogs Do go to Heaven😁😁

Y’all must be having so much fun! Oh, to be a fly on the wall, as well as a member of the audience. I wish I could be there! Tell Bill to tape EVERYTHING, even if it takes up a dozen DVDs. We’ll buy ‘em all!!!

You got to meet the Gaither vocal band?

In Mark’s own words from a skit many years ago, talking about Jesus turning water into wine: “Just to keep the party going.”

Enjoy!!!! The best time spent...is being with good friends... ....singing and laughing is an added joy! God Bless!!! B*

It’s a wonderful concert.

Bless you all. May the glory of our Father God shine on you. You have meant so much to me and my family, all of you.

Wonderful pictures! Looks like a great time. Thank you for posting. Makes my heart smile. 😊

Mark, Loving the concert! Welcome to my hometown of Greenville, SC. I so needed this. Thank you!

Soooo wish I could be there! I was hoping to get to go, but I just don't have extra money for that sort of thing right now.

It looks like everyone is having a fun time. Love you all! Hopefully, there will be a CD/DVD coming soon.

A Friday of Fun, Friends, Fellowship, and Faith.

Love all these pictures..would love to be there...will have to wait for DVD!!❤️🎶👏👏👏👏

Would love to have been there. Love seeing all of you.

Mark I like your natural hair, it looks nice compared to some others.

Awesome pictures Mark wish I was there .

Love, love you all.. would love to have been there...💕 🤗

It’s a FANTASTIC evening!!!!

Keep on having fun and keep your beautiful smile shining. 😘

Sure would like to be there

Mark they miss you so much

Blessings, love you

Wish I could be there.

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