Mark Lowry Goes To Hollywood | Mark Lowry

Mark Lowry Goes To Hollywood | Mark Lowry


For one night in history, one man single-handedly turned “Hollywood” into “Lowrywood". Will the city ever be the same again? Could he do it without Bill Gaither? Find out in Mark Lowry Goes To Hollywood. With a little help from a tremendous line-up of musical guests, Mark Lowry delivers a healthy dose of side-splitting comedy and a power-packed line-up of great music in this live event. Mark forms his own “Mark Lowry Vocal Band” just for the occasion with Michael English, Reggie Smith and Bill Gaither. Great performances by The Isaacs, LordSong, Stan Whitmire, and Karen Harding and the reMarkable Choir cap off the evening perfectly in this event of a lifetime.

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  1. Ha Ha Hollywood ft. Mark Lowry & The Isaacs

  2. Comedy - Welcome & Denominations

  3. Friend ‘Til The End ft. The Isaacs

  4. Celebrate Jesus ft. Stan Whitmire

  5. Lord Of The Dance ft. LordSong

  6. Some Things Never Change ft. Mark Lowry & LordSong

  7. Comedy - Aging and Eva Mae

  8. Too Big To Miss

  9. The Star-Spangled Banner ft. Mark Lowry & LordSong

  10. Comedy - I Survived A Tornado

  11. Home Where I Belong

  12. Comedy - Mark talks to Bill and Intros Michael English & Reggie Smith

  13. I’ll Trade The Old Cross For A Crown ft. Reggie Smith, Mark Lowry, Michael English & Bill Gaither

  14. I Bowed On My Knees ft. Reggie Smith, Mark Lowry, Michael English, Bill Gaither & reMarkable Choir

  15. I Call Him Lord ft. Mark Lowry, Kim Lord & Amber Franks Balltzglier

  16. Peace Like A River ft. The Isaacs

  17. Comedy - Doubters

  18. Make It Real

  19. Wandering Heart ft. LordSong