The Last Word VHS

The Last Word VHS


Recorded at the beautiful Tivoli Theatre in Chattanooga, TN, Mark Lowry takes you through a series of gut-busting funny stories and songs — and even shows you how a Baptist dances!

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  1. If Your Heart Belongs To Jesus

  2. Presbyterian Baptismal

  3. Praying To A Single Adult

  4. Baby Why Not Me

  5. The New Dentist

  6. The Old Sanctuary

  7. All Mama Ever Wanted

  8. The Last Word

  9. Fritzy & Helen Hanft

  10. I Know, I Know

  11. Flying With A Baby

  12. Life Backwards

  13. Rest In The Arms

  14. For Just A Glimpse Of You

  15. If Your Heart Belongs To Jesus (Reprise)