Some Things Never Change (CD)


Mark Lowry’s 2004 recording — “Some Things Never Change.” The title song is another Scooter Simmons classic which makes you want to tap your feet and sing along. This is a project, as Mark likes to say, “for the Attention Deficit Disordered listener.” Come along with Mark as he takes you on a musical journey. The terrain is everything from Inspirational to Country to Southern Gospel. Mark even sings with himself on the quartet-classic-in-the-making, “I Wanna Go To Heaven.” Mark says, “It’s the ‘Mark Lowry Vocal Band.'”
But, Mark didn’t take this entire musical journey alone. He invited Bill Gaither, Michael English, Reggie Smith, Michael Sykes, David Ponder, Becky & Sonya Isaacs and many others to come along for the ride.
Songs include:

All That Matters To The Lord
Some Things Never Change
I Call Him Lord
Jesus Laughing
God Doesn’t Know
I Wanna Go to Heaven
Too Big To Miss
I Will Trade The Old Cross For A Crown
He’s There
Isn’t It Amazing?
Make It Real

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