Mark Lowry Goes to Hollywood (DVD/CD)


I am very excited about this project. My special guests are Bill Gaither, Michael English, The Isaacs, LordSong, Reggie Smith, Stan Whitmire and the 110-voice reMarkable Choir.

I’ve enjoyed every video I’ve produced through the years. But, I must say, this is my all-time favorite. I love what I was able to say at the very end of the video … that God is truly, absolutely, unconditionally out of His ever-loving mind in love with you! How fortunate are we? I want the world to see this video. Not just because it’s funny or because of the music, but because I believe so strongly in the message.

I want everyone who has ever felt rejected by the church to see this video. I want those who have felt like God could never forgive them or love them to see this video. I want YOU to see it. I think it will bless your socks off… and I hope you’ll laugh.


Ha Ha Hollywood (Mark & Isaacs)
Welcome & Denominations
Friend ‘Til the End (Isaacs)
Celebrate Jesus (Stan Whitmire)
Lord of the Dance (LordSong)
Some Things Never Change (Mark, LordSong)
Aging and Eva Mae
I’ve Got That Old Time Religion (Stan Whitmire)
Too Big to Miss (Mark Lowry)
The Star Spangled Banner (Mark, LordSong)
I survived a Tornado
Home Where I Belong (Mark Lowry)
I Wanna Go To Heaven (Mark, Bill Gaither, Michael Lord, Stan Whitmire)
I’ll Trade the old Cross for a Crown (Mark, Bill Gaither, Reggie Smith, Michael English)
I Bowed on my Knees (Mark, Reggie Smith, Bill Gaither, Michael English, reMarkable Choir)
I Call Him Lord (Mark, Kim Lord, Amber Balltzglier)
Peace Like A River (Isaacs)
Mark It Real (Mark Lowry)
Jesus Loves Me (Kim Lord, reMarkable Choir)
Shout to the Lord (Amber Balltzglier, reMarkable Choir)
Wandering Heart (LordSong)
Recovering Fundamentalist
Isn’t It Amazing (Mark, Stan, LordSong, Isaacs, Reggie, Michael English, reMarkable Choir)
Some Things Never Change (reprise)

Running Time: 100 minutes [CC]

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